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Last Organizational Meeting

30th August \\\'19, 16:18

One last time you have the chance to ask us questions personally before the NAF. Actually, you can always ask us questions personally, because we are not the Queen. But on Sunday you can do that comfortably at the Interrobang‽ It starts at 4 pm. We are looking forward to seeing you!

ELECTIONSunday 01.09.2019 | 16 pm | Interrobang‽ | Kamenzer Straße 13

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Organizational Meeting 28.07.2019

29th July \\\'19, 22:15

We would like to send you a huge thank you. Yesterday, on Sunday, June 28th, the second NAF organizational meeting took place. You have appeared numerously and kindly asked all your questions in Dietmar’s hearing aid microphone. We have added interesting new artists and are getting more and more excited as the NAF approaches. The next organizational meeting will take place on September 1st. You’ll find an event for this on facebook soon.



Fotos: Øhyvind Photography