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22nd September \\\'20, 16:47

Nach langer kulturarmer Zeit erfreut es uns alle, wieder Kunst zu zeigen und zu genießen. Wieder ins Gespräch kommen, Gleichgesinnte treffen und mit anderen diskutieren ist ein Grundbedürfnis und wir sind stolz darauf, dass unser kleines Festival dies erfüllen kann.

Das geht nur mit eurer Hilfe. Deshalb haben wir für euch die wichtigsten Maßnahmen noch einmal zusammengefasst:

  • Haltet Abstand, mindestens 1,50m.
  • Wo das nicht möglich ist, tragt eure Mund-Nasen-Bedeckung.*
  • Desinfiziert euch die Hände, entsprechende Möglichkeiten gibt es an den Orten.
  • Hust- und Niesetikette beachten (Armbeuge etc.).
  • Wer Fieber oder Erkältungssymptome hat, bleibt bitte zu Hause!
  • Haltet euch an die Vorgaben der Orte. Fragt im Zweifel nach.
  • Haltet euch an vorgeschriebene Einbahnstraßen.
  • Haltet Zu- und Ausgänge offen.
  • Hört auf die Anweisungen der Ortsverantwortlichen.

Wem diese Einschränkungen zu weit gehen, der möge bitte zum Schutz anderer dieses Jahr dem Festival fern bleiben.

* Wir haben zusätzlich schicke NAF-Bedeckungen organisiert, welche ihr gegen eine kleine Spende an den Veranstaltungsorten erhaltet.

Call to Action for the Neustadt Art Festival 2020

16th July \\\'20, 13:59

Salute, dear Corona troubled people,

from 25 to 27 September the 9th Neustadt Art Festival will take place. We are uber glad that this small festival is decentrally organized which means that we are in compliance with the corona regulations. So together we are looking for old and new free spaces in Dresden Neustadt and beyond so that with your help we can create an arts and culture festival for everyone far off from commerce.

Do you play an instrument, sing, paint, solder, glue, dance, screw, drill, perform, or are creative in any other way? Do you have a bar, a studio, a club, a cellar, an attic, or a similar space that you would like to make available? Then use this uneventful time in your cubbyhole and think about what you have always wanted to create. The NAF crew will support you with the execution, connect you with other participants, and promote your event in the program, via the NAF app and the website. The press deadline for the program is September 7, the website and app will be updated until the start of the festival on September 27.

If you already have an idea and are looking for a place or if you have a space to offer, check out our “Buntes Brett” (notice board).

For those who prefer a face-to-face meeting, we have scheduled two real-life meetings:

  • The first one is on Sunday, 26 July at 4 pm at Alaunpark (in the middle of Zentralweg and Kindergarten). In case it is raining heavily, we will meet at the Interrobang.
  • The second meeting is on Sunday, 23 August, also at 4 pm, also at Alaunpark and here again, the alternative in case of heavier downpours is the Interrobang.

Website: naf.li
E-mail: programm@neustadt-art-festival.de
Buntes Brett: naf.li/buntesbrett/

We are looking forward to creating the Neustadt Art Festival with you and to bringing a little bit of culture to this event-deserted time!

Your NAF crew

THANK YOU for a wonderful NAF-weekend!

1st October \\\'19, 12:00

Dear NAF participants,

we would like to thank everyone who has made this festival what it is today. We have received a lot of positive feedback about the different locations and the sense that NAF is slowly becoming a permanent fixture in Dresden Neustadt. The program is colorful, diverse, and the audience even plans its weekend according to the events of the NAF.

For us as organizers the follow-up work has now begun, i.e. evaluating photos, archiving the website, obtaining and writing reports, accounting for subsidies, collecting and paying bills and refunds – all this stuff that makes the festival possible in the background.

If you want to get involved in the organization of the NAF 2020, get ready for the first organizational meetings starting in January. The announcements will be made as usual via the Verteiler, Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Have a great day,
on behalf of the Orga-Team

We need your help!

19th September \\\'19, 16:38

We are now proud owners of a Crowdfunding! <3 With your help we want to collect a small budget to cover the expenses of our participating artists. We are very happy about your support and also have some very nice presents up our sleeve.

#crowdfundinglove #supportyourlocalartdealers

Projekt unterstützen

Last Organizational Meeting

30th August \\\'19, 16:18

One last time you have the chance to ask us questions personally before the NAF. Actually, you can always ask us questions personally, because we are not the Queen. But on Sunday you can do that comfortably at the Interrobang‽ It starts at 4 pm. We are looking forward to seeing you!

ELECTIONSunday 01.09.2019 | 16 pm | Interrobang‽ | Kamenzer Straße 13

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