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Call to Action for the Neustadt Art Festival 2018

29th June \\\'18, 12:59

Dear people interested in art and culture,

from September 28 to 30, the seventh Neustadt Art Festival will take place in the district “Äußere Neustadt”. All residents as well as artists and cultural workers are called upon to show, experience and participate in exhibitions, concerts, workshops, theatre, dance events and much more at various locations in Dresden’s Neustadt.

You play an instrument, sing, paint, solder, glue, dance, screw, drill, perform or are creative in any other way? You have a bar, studio, club, cellar, attic or similar space you want to provide for the festival?

Send us your ideas by September 27. It doesn’t matter whether you want to find like-minded people, need another event room or are looking for an artist.

The NAF organization team will help you with the realization, connect you with other participants and advertise your event in the program, in our NAF app and on our website. The editorial deadline for the printed program is September 7th, the website and app will be updated until the start of the festival on September 28th.

So that expenses can be refunded to the participating artists, there will be a crowdfunding, which runs until the beginning of the Neustadt Art Festival and offers great rewards.

Webseite: https://naf.li
E-Mail: programm@neustadt-art-festival.de

We are looking forward to creating an amazing festival with your help!
Your organization team