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Neustadt Art Festival 2024

27. Sep – 29. Sep


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Neustadt Art Kollektiv
Amt für Kultur- und Denkmalschutz der Landeshauptstadt Dresden
Stadtbezirksbeirat Dresden-Neustadt
Stiftung Äußere Neustadt Dresden

Illustration Similar (Thomas Grohmann)

address: Stadtteilhaus Äußere Neustadt (& Bühne Wanne), Prießnitzstraße 18

Sunday, 14:00 o'clock to 18:00 o'clock

This is an event from 2018. Click here for the current program.

A deliberate exaggeration of “banal” things. As a parable to the real or intentionally stoked political panic or existing social fear. Fears may be unjustified. But you can also to be made a means if man does not himself trying to look over the maybe staged plate. Most of the pictures are in an analogue process in Dresden (Germany) emerged. They explain construction sites and real locations to theaters of war. There are conflicts…