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Rückblick Neustadt Art Festival 2021

7th October \\\'21, 20:51

Livepanting im Stadtteilhaus

· 160 Veranstaltungen · 32 Orte · mehr als 63 Künstler·innen ·

Von der Prießnitzstraße bis zur Leisniger Straße, von der Rudolf–Leonard–Straße bis zur Hoyerswerdaer Straße – Kunst und Musik wohin das Auge schaut!

Und eines hat dieses Neustadt Art Festival 2021 wieder beweisen können: Kunst und Musik bilden für Augen und Ohren eine verzaubernde Symbiose, die ihres Gleichen sucht.

Wer es geschafft hat, einen weitläufigen Wochenendspaziergang zu machen, wurde reich belohnt. Von der verrückten Steampunk-Hexentee-Bar-WG über duftende Waffeln zu gemütlichem Flippern. Oder von wild gemischten strahlend – verstörenden Gemäldeansammlungen zu provokativen Fotoserien bis zu einfallsreichen kleinen Collagen. Von punkigem Bahnhofsgelände hin zu tätiger Straßenmalerei. Vom Schaufensterkonzert und Comics über Palastkonzerte hin zu Theaterkunst und Feuerschow. Selbst Leseratten kamen auf ihre Kosten. Jeder Schritt hat sich gelohnt.

Kunst unterm Dach Backstage

Und wenn die Sonne unterging, erklangen an Ecken, Straßen, in Wohnungen, auf Wiesen und auf Dachböden Gitarren, Klaviere, Schlagzeuge und Kontrabässe – und natürlich betörende Stimmen, einnehmende Melodien und berührende Texte.

Wir danken allen teilnehmenden Kreativen und Organisator·innen, die dieses wundervolle Wochenende möglich gemacht haben und hoffen, dass alle Besucher·innen ebenso erfüllt aus dieser Zeit herausgegangen sind, wie wir.

Mehr Eindrücke erhälst du hier! 😉

What is the Neustadt Art Festival about?

4th August \\\'21, 16:27

Hello, dear friends of the arts,

On Sunday, September 5, the fourth Orga meeting for the 10th Neustadt Art Festival will take place. Here you can ask all your questions and talk about ideas and network with other artists and venues.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

When? Sunday 5.9.2021 from 4 pm.

Where? At the Hippie Tree in Alaunpark, in case of rain in the studio on Rudolf-Leonhard-Straße 19.

What? Orga meeting for the NAF 2021. We will discuss upcoming tasks as well as your questions and ideas.

Love, love

Your Neustadt Art Festival Orga-Team

Use Our “Buntes Brett”/ Notice Board!

3rd August \\\'21, 12:18

A little announcement about the Neustadt Art Festival!

For all artists, musicians, galleries, backyards, attics, rooms, and creative enthusiasts who would like to be part of the NAF: To make it easier for you to network for September 24, 25, and 26, we have set up the “Buntes Brett” for you at https://buntesbrett.g4rf.net/naf21/.

Here’s how it works:
Imagine a huge bulletin board in a big house full of people working in the arts, next to countless mailboxes. Anyone who would like to join the NAF can introduce themselves there briefly with a little note and leave a direct link to the mailbox. If someone is interested in music, images, collaboration, or a space, he/she can contact the person directly. Just like a real bulletin board, you can expect regular additions and updates there. So if you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet, you might get lucky if you take a look at the “Buntes Brett” later on. So a regular visit could always be worthwhile.

Call to Action for the NAF 2021

30th April \\\'21, 17:46

Corona-ridden, Lockdown-suffering, Art-deprived,

after we received the shocking news in February that the Bunte Republik Neustadt 2021 would not be celebrated as usual, we took a deep breath when the good news reached us: The Neustadt Art Festival 2021 will take place!

From September 24 to 26, we will fill the Neustadt with culture for the 10th edition in a decentralized and corona ordinance-compliant way. So together we are looking for old and new free spaces in Dresden Neustadt and beyond so that with your help we can create an arts and culture festival for everyone far off from commerce.

Do you play an instrument, sing, paint, solder, glue, dance, screw, drill, perform, or are creative in any other way? Do you have a bar, a studio, a club, a cellar, an attic, or a similar space that you would like to make available? Then use this uneventful time in your cubbyhole and think about what you have always wanted to create. The NAF crew will support you with the execution, connect you with other participants, and promote your event in the program, via the NAF app and the website. The press deadline for the program is September 3, the website and app will be updated until the start of the festival.

If you already have an idea and are looking for a place or if you have a space to offer, check out our Buntes Brett (notice board) or send an email to programm@neustadt-art-festival.de.

We have scheduled a first meeting for Sunday, June 6, at 4 pm in the Alaunpark.

Website: naf.li
E-mail: programm@neustadt-art-festival.de
Buntes Brett (notice board): naf.li/buntesbrett/

We are looking forward to creating the Neustadt Art Festival with you and to bringing a little bit of culture to this event-deserted time!

Your NAF crew

On Our Waay To The NAF2021

2nd March \\\'21, 12:15

Corona sufferers, lockdown afflicted, art impoverished, hear the happy news:

The Neustadt Art Festival has received funding from the city, state and district and will take place. Whether we welcome you digitally or live, only time will tell. Stay brave!

Your NAF team