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Neustadt Art Festival 2024

27. Sep – 29. Sep


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Neustadt Art Kollektiv
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Stiftung Äußere Neustadt Dresden

DJane Gulnara

women’s representative to empower female artists within the university system. freelance work as photographer, editor, on sets and
she re-iniated and directed the lecture and workshop series women at work with colleague Nora Lawrenz.

she launched her career as a dj and performance artist during the diploma thesis year, she performed her compositions and thoughts regarding the films she had conceptualized within the university where parties where initiated, tarkovkys camera settings and documentary behind the scene- directorswork was a topic, rhetorical questions were stated, principals in spoken word sung in the exam,(nouvelle vague/cinedogma) and the kitchen performances shown on screen, where numerous performances and compositions that were written shown to enjoy these exclusive performances.

after the degree the work was expanded in galicia for an art residency, video works and a lecture performance held in the screen art center, galicia.

she was invited to switzerland to be part of a conference and workshop for european leaders, and documented the process of the empowerment.
a documentary was made.

workshop Klangzeitort at the Hans Eisler University for composing, where the compositions and songs she had written were performed on stage, and at the UdK Berlin (Diploma Thesis)

She made an installation and performance at the underground venue HdK Kranhalle in Neukölln- in a basement of the amazing venue an underwater object was created, and the viewer could watch her performing downstairs from the upper floor, that was the dancefloor. some artists made it to the magical place.. a video installation at Betahaus followed.

meanwhile studying she played at the underground bar and nightgallery king size for the gallerist martin kwade

  • in munich at the art university salong,(dj-set) udk berlin at turn tables, chalet, feel festival with the art collective PPPP(dj-set), poetry festival(dj set), brn dresden(DJ set), ars vitae (all night long dj set) e.v.