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I have noticed that there are quite some people that don’t understandd the whole Patreon thing, so I will try and explain the site again and what it does a bit more in detail here and now.

Patreon is a website which is dedicated to helping artists and their fans (patrons) to connect in a much more intimate way than it has been done before. Artists benefit immensely from a set amount per released work (song, painting, etcpp.). If you really enjoy someone’s art you want to get more. You want to feel it, touch it, hear it, or whatever turns you on about it. The only way for artists to keep on making that happen, is to have the time and energy to do that. THIS works only with the support of “fans”/ patrons – people who feel so connected to the art that they are willing to spend a portion of their hard earned money on the artist. This is what Patreon is really. A platform that helps fans to support in a very smart way so that artists are able to focus on their work – with Patreon and the few cents of hopefully many, the artist has a chance to create a stable income. Patrons on the other hand receive special gifts such as limited pieces, unreleased songs, video blogs, a chat with the artist or whatever special they come up with. This creates a much more intimate experience for both.

THAT’s why I chose Patreon. I want to try and connect with people that really care about my music. You don’t have to give me money for that of course and I WILL be very happy for each person that just simply enjoys my music, but if you want to go full length and lend a euro or two or whatever you feel like for my releases, you would be the Patron of my heart as you would be a part of making my dream come true. I want to write the best lyrics I can come up with and turn them into music that makes me feel like something truthful just happened. You can SUPPORT ME NOW over ON my PATREON page. I will pour my heart into it!