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Neustadt Art Festival 2024

27. Sep – 29. Sep


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Neustadt Art Kollektiv
Amt für Kultur- und Denkmalschutz der Landeshauptstadt Dresden
Stadtbezirksbeirat Dresden-Neustadt
Stiftung Äußere Neustadt Dresden

Eternal Empire

“Eternal Empire“ is a Darksynth / Cyberpunk project that combines distorted synthesizer riffs with catchy melodies and strong dance beats.

I was always fascinated by music that is both heavy and emotional at the same time. I grew up listening to metal and later played synthesizer in Metalcore and Pop-Punk bands. I discovered the Synthwave genre pretty late, but I was immediately hooked. Also, I realized that this genre would be perfect for a one-man project.

“Rise And Fall” is my first do-it-yourself release. From the song writing to the mixing and mastering, I made everything myself. I’m aware that I still have a lot to learn, so bear with me.

I chose the name “Eternal Empire” simply because I wanted a name that relates to my favorite city Rome. Besides, it is fun to mix antique themes with such a futuristic genre as Synthwave.

I live and work in Dresden, Germany.