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Geldschneider & Co

Adresse: Geldschneider, Alaunstraße 29, Dresden

Freitag, 12:00 Uhr bis 20:00 Uhr

What do we do in the Geldschneider & Co? We destroy coins, watches, various other things and make beautiful, unique jewelry. How do we do it? We cut, saw, drill, bend, dismantle, polish, sharpen, skeletonize, calbanize, grind, glue, epoxy, dry, melt, bake, steampunk, varnish, draw, print, laugh and much more. All the days of the festival we are glad to show you all this and answer all your questions about all processes of jewelry creation.

Künstler·innen: Olga Razhnaya, Serge Feeleenger